Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Burr Ridge is in Dupage County as well as Cook County. The town has nice older homes amidst newer larger homes. Flagg Creek a tributary of the Dupage River runs through the town. You can view wildlife along the road way, thick with forest preserves and old large oaks. It is a perfect raccoon habitat. Raccoons gain entry into attics, under sheds and decks. They will feed on garbage and even pet food left outside. Health risks include diseases and parasites. We are your raccoon trapping and clean up professionals. We have cleaned up, disinfected and replaced damaged insulation. Also able take care of raccoon damages on the exterior of your home/building. If you are in need of raccoon trapping in Burr Ridge, Illinois or raccoon damage remediation then grab a phone and call or send an e-mail with your particulars. Donít wait!!

Raccoon prevention tips:

Squirrel Removal, Burr Ridge, IL

Are there squirrels running around your attic or roof? Are you hearing gnawing sounds? With a jump or leap from a nearby tree branch these little guys pose a major problem to the home owner. I have trapped and removed squirrels in Burr Ridge, Illinois on many occasion. They will make nests in your roof using your insulation. Squirrels removal/problems in Burr Ridge, Illinois are no problem for us. Email an appointment request or phone us for immediate results.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems, Burr Ridge, IL

Once detected, bats can be safely and non-lethally evicted with our methods. These animals are state and federally protected. Great care and safety should be given to the removing of bats. We possess the best bat eviction devices available. Allow us to evict/remove bats in Burr Ridge, Illinois by calling or e-mailing us.

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