Raccoon Trapping in Joliet, Illinois and Will County

Welcome to the online home of Nuisance Wildlife Control. We are a full service nuisance wildlife control company serving the Northeast Illinois region. If you live in, or own a building in Joliet, IL. and Will County, Illinois, we can trap and remove raccoons from your home or building. In order to prevent further raccoon damage to your home, we will determine where raccoons are getting in and set our raccoon traps accordingly. We have been humanely trapping and removing racoons in Joliet,IL. and Will county for the past 15 years. Removing raccoons from attics is our specialty. Raccoons inside sheds or under decks are trapped and removed as well. Removing raccoons from fireplaces and chimneys is accomplished with special raccoon trapping devices. We can inspect and quickly evaluate your raccoon problems.

Nuisance Wildlife Control can also provide raccoon damage repairs to attics, soffits, fascia, roofs, walls and ceilings. We handle all residential and commercial building insurance claims for the safe, effective remediation of raccoon feces and urine soaked insulation in attics and crawlspaces with complete deodorizing and decontamination. Tree removal and trimming is another service we provide in order to keep raccoons off of homes and buildings. Give us a call at 630-416-9920 to prevent further raccoon damage to your roof and buildings. You can also contact us by email to explain your nuisance wildlife issue or to set up an appointment.

Skunk Trapping in Joliet, Illinois and Will County

Do you have a strong skunk odor around your home or building? Skunks under concrete porches or sidewalks is not at all unusual. Skunks are diggers and routinely seek out these places to den up and have their young. Male and female skunks that have sprayed in self defense or in fights during mating can fill a home or building to a point that is unbearable. We have been trapping skunks and removing them in The Joliet and Will county area for 15 years.Joliet is surrounded by ideal skunk habitat and the opportunity for a skunk to dig in and around your home, deck or shed is a good one.Skunk trapping in in the Joliet Illinois area is no problem for us. We can provide expert skunk exclusion for your home,with a 100% guarantee. Throw away the amonia soaked rags and dispose of the moth balls, we can provide skunk trapping in Joliet Illinois and Will county.

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