Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Lombard, Illinois.

Originally part of Potawatomie Indian lands, the Lombard area was settled by Americans of European decent in the 1800ís. Lombard is home to the annual Lilac festival. Lombard is a diverse town with a mixture of old homes, new homes and office parks. Raccoons also call Lombard home. Raccoons find plenty of food by homes. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens and garbage are some of the items on a raccoons menu. Raccoons destroy roofing and insulation inside of building where they will raise their babies. They will leave their feces and soak insulation with their urine in attics, ceilings and walls. For raccoon trapping and raccoon removal in Lombard, Illinois reach us at 630-416-9920 / e-mail us a request for an appointment at trapper1 contact page. We offer attic clean up and insulation replacement as well as all raccoon damage repairs in Lombard Illinois.

Raccoon prevention tips:

Skunk removal and Skunk problems in Lombard, IL

Skunks are nocturnal and are omnivorous. Skunks like to tunnel under your concrete porches, sidewalks and along foundations. They will be found in subdivisions and business office parks. Donít let your home or office be filled with the obnoxious odor of a skunk. For expert skunk trapping and skunk removal in Lombard Illinois ring us at 630-416-9920 or e-mail us through trapper1.com website. We are able to provide you with a permanent skunk proof barrier after we have removed all of your skunks.

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel problems in Lombard, IL

If squirrels can reach you rooftop, they will chew and gnaw their way into your home or building. They will destroy insulation, chew up wood and wiring. For squirrel trapping and squirrel problems in Lombard Illinois set up an appointment on line at trapper1.com or call 630-416-9920. Donít delay !

Bat Removal and Bat Problems in Lombard, IL

Our methods for removing bats that have made a colony in your home or building, gets rid of bats without harming them. They will not be able to re-enter after flying out. We can (in most cases) seal off areas and keep your home or building bat free. We handle cleaning, disinfecting and removal of guano in areas bats have roosted. Bat eviction and bat removal appointments can be made at trapper1.comsí contact page or by a call to 630-416-9920.

Bird removal and Bird problems in Lombard, IL

If birds are making nests or raising their young inside walls or ceilings, it is usually because they flown inside of an exhaust vent. Microwave, range hood and bathroom vents are they usual places birds choose. Health risks are rotten unfertile eggs, parasites and even dead chicks. The smells and noises can be too much to handle. Call 630-416-9920/ email at trapper1.com for all bird removal in Lombard Illinois. We also install bird barrier devices to prevent a reoccurance.

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