Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Naperville, Illinois.

Having grown up in Naperville, IL and Dupage county since 1958, I have seen a small rural farming community grow to one of the largest cities in the state of Illinois.

Naperville, located in both Dupage and Will counties of Northeast Illinois, is known as one of Chicago's most robust suburbs, boasting a lively and historic downtown area with numerous retail shopping opportunities.

Naperville is also blessed With the many expansive forest and prairie preserves, along with the "mighty" Dupage River and its many creeks and tributaries. It's no wonder that raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other nuisance wildlife desire to share in this this beautiful town with Naperville's residents.

Raccoons are very abundant in and around Naperville. With its' many bird feeders, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, pet dishes and "garbage nights", Naperville raccoons have never had it better. Raccoon trapping and removal in Naperville is no problem for Nuisance Wildlife Control. Raccoon removal exclusion is our specialty. This our backyard and have been trapping and removing raccoons and making repairs caused by raccoon damage for over 15 years. We also remove raccoon babies from attics, celings and walls from both homes and commercial properties. If you are experiencing raccoon noises or hearing baby raccoons crying from inside your home or building, calls us or use our appointment scheduler to set an appointment.

Raccoon Prevention tips:

Skunk Removal or Skunk problems in Naperville, Illinois.

Not only is Naperville a hospitable town for the raccoon, the City also provides superb skunk habitat. Skunks are found along active train tracks or old abanded tracks turned to hiking trails. Skunks are commpnly found near the dupage river and its many tributaries . Skunks are most noticable in spring when they excavate their dens around concrete porches and stoops. Later in the summer, skunks are digging up lawns looking for grubs. We are ready and capable of trapping and removing adult and baby skunks. We trap and remove skunks throughout the year. For skunk problems in Naperville, calls us or use our appointment scheduler to set an appointment.

Beaver Removal or Beaver problems in Naperville, Illinois.

Beavers can take newly planted trees down over night. If you live in Naperville,IL. and have beavers chewing your trees down ,take action and call (630)416-9920 for beaver trapping and beaver removal. If you can see beaver dams along your waterways, beware, beavers cost homeowners and associations thousand of dollars each year. Nuisance Wildlife Control is uniquely eqipped to deal with these creatures.

Bat Removal or Bat problems in Naperville, Illinois.

Nuisance Wildlife Control is your resident expert for bat colony and bat exclusion in the Naperville area. Bat related diseases are always a concern with bats and bat colonies in buildings and homes. Nuisance Wildlife Control employs multiple non-lethal methods to legally and permanently rid your home or building of bats. We are also capable of safe bat guano removal from attics walls and floors. This includes safely removing all guano, all soiled insulation, and complete deodorizing and disinfecting of affected areas. Check with your insurance carrier about coverage for bat guano remediation. Insurance companies typically do not cover rodent, bird, vermin damage, however bats do not fall into any of these categories.

Bird Removal or Bird problems in Naperville, Illinois.

Small bird such as starlings and sparrows will make nests inside bathroom and microwave vents. The noises and smells associated with them are unacceptable. There are health concerns with parasites and their droppings. I have all the proper equipment to remove birds and their nests. I can clean, disinfect and install a barrier that will keep them out. Call me at (630) 416-9920 or e-mail your info by e-mail at Trapper1.com.

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