Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in St. Charles, Illinois.

St. Charles, Illinois has some beautiful houses and buildings, nestled along the Fox River. They have an illustrious history there, along with some wonderful nature. These things combine to make a it a great home for raccoons as well as people. Raccoon problems can be troubling for your family and cause damage to your trees and your home.

Nuisance Wildlife Control is available to set traps and remove any raccoons from your attic, fireplace, chimney, ceilings, soffits, or walls. We are a solution for raccoon problems in your St. Charles, IL or Kane County home. If you have nuisance raccoons on your property or in your home, call us and weíll trap and remove them.

Raccoon Prevention Tips:

Skunk Removal St. Charles, IL

A lot of times skunks make their presence known first by an overwhelming smell, then by sight. Skunks are common in the St. Charles, IL area, with the Fox River and several wooded areas nearby. Skunks can pose a problem for people when they spray. They are most noticeable in the spring when they build dens around concrete porches and stoops. They also dig up lawns, causing further problems on the property. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and removing skunks in the St. Charles area, and Kane County.

Beaver Removal, St. Charles, IL

With the Fox River and several wooded areas in and near St. Charles, IL, beavers will find and make their home in the area. Beavers can cause damage quickly, so it is important to have them trapped and removed. If you see beaver dams along the waterways call us quickly (630)416-9920. They can take a newly planted tree down in less than 24 hours. Nuisance Wildlife Control is equipped to deal with beaver problems quickly.

Squirrel Removal, St. Charles, IL

Three species of tree squirrel are common in the northeastern Illinois region, including St. Charles, IL. While they are not considered a public health concern in Illinois, they can still be a nuisance. They are excellent climbers and jumpers, and can end up inside bird feeders. They can also sometimes do damage in the garden. In urban areas, they may do damage by chewing on mesh and wood. If they get inside a building they can do further damage by chewing on wiring. Nuisance Wildlife Control can trap and remove squirrels in St. Charles and Kane County.

Bat Removal, St. Charles, IL

St. Charles, IL has many older homes, including some with beautiful, Victorian architecture. While this may be beautiful to look at, it also means that animals, including bats can make their home inside homes and attics. Little Brown Bats are common in northeastern Illinois, including St. Charles, IL. While they donít pose much threat, they can be a nuisance. We specialize in trapping and removing these animals.

Bird Removal, St. Charles, IL

Pigeons are the most popular type of nuisance bird in northeastern Illinois, including St. Charles, IL. Pigeons are dependant on people to feed them and provide sites for nesting. They were formerly domesticated, and many escaped and formed feral populations. Their droppings deface and can speed up the deterioration of buildings, increasing the cost of maintenance. Nuisance Wildlife Control can trap and remove the birds, and install wire mesh along with bird netting to keep them from roosting. Elimination of feeding, watering, roosting and nesting sites also helps control the pigeon populations. We have the means to fix any pigeon problem in St. Charles, IL.

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