Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Wheaton, Illinois.

Wheaton, IL is located about 25 miles west of Lake Michigan in the suburbs of Chicago. It is the seat for DuPage County. Its history began in 1837 when Warren Wheaton laid claim to 640 acres. Wheaton is home to both old and new architecture. With several small lakes and rivers in the area, it is also a haven for raccoons. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and removing raccoons in the Wheaton area, and around DuPage County. We can remove raccoons from attics, ceilings, and walls of homes and commercial properties. In addition to removal, we can repair damage caused by raccoons inside your home. We are fully equipped to fix any raccoon problems in Wheaton, IL.

Raccoon prevention tips:

Skunk removal or Skunk problems in Wheaton, IL

Wheaton, IL, and the DuPage County area is a prime area for skunks. They tend to be found along active or abandoned train tracks, and build their dens around concrete porches or stoops. Skunks spray can leave an unmistakable putrid odor that can take days to completely dissipate. They can also cause damage to the yard by digging to look for grubs. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and removing skunks in the Wheaton and DuPage County area. For skunk removal in Wheaton, contact us and we can set up an appointment.

Squirrel Removal or squirrel problems in Wheaton, IL

There are three types of squirrels in northeastern Illinois and all of them can be found in Wheaton, IL. While they pose no real health threat to humans, squirrels can cause damage to the interior and exterior of homes, as well as gardens. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in squirrel trapping and removal, and fixing squirrel problems in Wheaton, IL. We also repair damages caused by squirrels. We are fully equipped to handle any squirrel problem in Wheaton, IL.

Beaver Removal or Beaver problems in Wheaton, IL

Beavers can cause serious damage to trees, fast. They can take a newly planted tree down overnight. If you see a beaver dam near your Wheaton, IL home, call Nuisance Wildlife Control quickly and we can help (630)416-9920. We specialize in trapping and removing beavers, in Wheaton and DuPage County. We have the expertise to fix any beaver problem that you might be having.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems in Wheaton, IL

Wheaton, IL is home to both new and old architecture. Its not uncommon for Little Brown Bats to get indoors and cause a nuisance to people. If you have bats in your Wheaton, IL home, contact Nuisance Wildlife Control and we will trap and remove them. We can quickly fix any bat problem in Wheaton, IL.

Bird Removal or Bird problems in Wheaton, IL

Starlings and sparrows will routinely, each spring build their nests inside of exhaust vents. The smells, chirping noises and smells associated with this problem is not tolerable. I can remove the birds, their nests and clean out you vents. I install barriers to end the nightmare for good. For bird removal/remove birds in vents call (630) 416-9920. Use our contact page to set an appointment at Trapper1.com.

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